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  • Facial Tissue

    Feel refreshed and relaxed with our premium range of super soft facial tissues. We are a prominent facial tissue supplier from India. We provide 100% chemical free facial tissues which is strong yet exceptionally soft, water resistant and with high absorbency for your everyday hygiene requirements. Our facial tissues have become the prime choice of  customers owing to it’s high quality, competitive price and non-allergic formula. Our finest single Ply and Two Ply Facial Tissues are offered in vibrantly designed rectangular and Cube boxes and are available with varied number of sheets like 100 sheets, 150 Sheets and 200 sheets of finest paper. We also manufacture customized designs  and packaging as per our Customer’s requirements. These hi-end quality facial tissues are manufactured  and hygienically  packed without touch of hands in a 100% germs free environment. These super durable tissues will certainly serve your daily hygiene needs.

  • Hard Tissue Paper Roll

    We are a global supplier of Hard Tissue Roll.

    – Soft feel and premium quality in a roll towel, preferred for exceptional hand drying performance.
    – Highly absorbent, so you’ll use less and waste less.
    – Small cases for easy storage and handling.

  • Kitchen Roll

  • M Fold Tissue Paper

    Designed with single-sheet dispensing feature, our M Fold Tissue Paper can reduce the cost in wastage’s and also avoid cross contaminating next tissue.  We offer superior quality M Fold Tissue to our privileged customers at justified rates. Manufactured using first-class raw materials, it is soft, strong and highly durable. Our perfect finish and  vividly embossed M Fold Tissue are available in 1 ply and 2 ply sheets and are incredibly suitable for quick drying of hands, keeping them soft and supple. Keeping hygiene as the parameter, it is sterilized with a view to curtail the spread of harmful germs. We also undertake customized production of M Fold Tissue to enhance the satisfaction level of our privileged customers. Our M Fold Tissue are ideal for all washroom interiors as they poses high absorbing  capacity. By employing sophisticated automatic machineries, the product is manufactured and hygienically packed in a untainted environment. They are specially designed and manufactured to exceedingly satisfy your daily hygiene requirements.

  • Maxi Jumbo Toilet Roll

    We are specialized in manufacturing premium quality maxi tissue rolls and offering them in bulk to different industries. Our maxi rolls  are specially prepared for places where high absorbency is essential and therefore our maxi rolls find great application in residential kitchen, hotel industry and catering business. As they are designed with high absorbing feature, they can become perfect substitute for your kitchen towels. We have manufactured these maxi rolls in such a way that they eliminate germs and bacteria entirely from your hands and face to keep you safe and healthy. These liquid absorbent tissue maxi rolls are manufactured and packed without touch of hands and can be availed at fantastic prices in different packs and sizes, to meet your everyday hygiene needs. Owing to the grade of material used, they are durable so that it can be stored and used for a longtime. Our maxi rolls are in high demand among customers for their unsurpassed excellence and eco-friendliness. It will certainly be an add-on to your kitchen and washroom environment as it can withstand both wet and dry conditions and keep your home healthy and hygienic in style.

  • Pop Up Tissue

  • Tissue Paper Napkins

    Paper Napkins are one of the crucial elements that can add to your establishment decoration, so ensure you constantly make the proper selection.

    We are a leading supplier of supplying premium quality paper napkins which is suited for all occasions. Our paper napkins are exceedingly strong and comes in an elegant white colour. Designed with vivid embossing, our top quality paper napkins are available in single fold and double fold models and comes in single ply and 2ply paper to be gentle on your skin. Due to it’s modishness and ability to wipe-off things easily, they are greatly preferred  by caterers, hotels, salons etc. Our classy tissue napkins are an addition to any dining table, owing to their ability to deliver comfort and hygiene. They are earth-concious paper napkins made with 100% pure virgin pulp, manufactured with a view to escalate the satisfaction level our privileged customers. As they are offered with high liquid absorbing feature, they can become ideal substitutes for conventional cloth napkins. These napkins can be availed at competitive prices and are also convenient to carry and use while travelling anywhere, anytime. Manufactured using selectively procured raw materials, streamlined touch free production and packing process, our tissue napkins are certainly a great way to complement your hygiene in style.

  • Toilet Paper Roll

    A leading toilet paper rolls exporter from India is offering optimum quality toilet rolls which will enhance your personal hygiene experience. They cater to the hygiene requirements of various establishments such as schools, restaurants, malls, hotels, offices etc. Designed with its unique hypoallergenic formula, they are most suitable for your delicate skin. Our toilet paper rolls are extremely soft and will certainly shoot up your freshness and comfort level. These are made with utmost care keeping in mind the accepted industry norms. The premium raw materials and the up-to-the-minute technology work together to bring you toilet rolls with the flawless finish, tensile strength and high absorbency. The offered toilet paper rolls are ideal for all plumbing systems due to its non-clogging attribute and ability to disintegrate in water. Our 1 ply and  2ply toilet rolls are made from high quality white 100% virgin pulp tissue. Each of our highly acclaimed toilet paper rolls comes with easy to tear perforation in both embossed or non-embossed models. Being developed in hygienic conditions, these toilet paper rolls are extremely safe to use.